Rotoscoping Outsourcing USA

At HR VFX, as VFX Outsourcing Company USA rotoscoping comes naturally to us. Combining physical rotoscoping methods with state-of-the-art 21st-century animation techniques, we are able to provide you with just the right output that you are seeking.

Our Rotoscope work is deployed on projects for:

  • Movies
  • Music Videos
  • Live-Action Sequences
  • Television Commercials
  • Social Media Content
  • Online Videos
  • Any project requiring special effects

Our capable Roto Artists ensure consistent frame rates on all rotoscoping assignments such that pixel to pixel imagery comes out flawlessly. This is thanks to the use of an optimal rotoscoping technique, wherein even single hair splines and edges with blur or sharp are produced.

Tools used at HR VFX for rotoscoping include but are not limited to After Effect, Nuke & Silhouettes etc. Our expertise in both onion-skinning and motion-tracking software helps to no end towards utilizing the best rotoscoping tools on offer. which makes HR VFX the best Rotoscoping Outsourcing India.

For your unique rotoscoping project, you can simply provide us with the digital images that you have along with a description of the kind of visual or animated imagery that you are seeking. Our expert animators will then work their magic to ensure you get the perfect animated output.

At HR VFX, – VFX Outsourcing Company USAwe are experts in the “boiling” process of rotoscoping whereby we can either have line fluctuations appear while going through an entire sequence of multiple frames or not, as the project demands.

No rotoscoping project is too small or too big for HR VFX. Given our experience and dedication, we can bring to life just about any kind of animation sequence for you, no matter what the end objective or application of the animation may be.

So feel free to discuss your rotoscoping needs with us; we can’t wait to get started!

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