We are Hiring 🙂

We are looking for a experienced artist who is committed and skilled, minimum 2 years experience is a must.  Candidate must be skilled in making hair splines and overall should have an eye for details.  Silhouette knowledge is required.

The ideal candidate should be skilled and knowledgeable in color theory. Nuke and Photoshop is a must to know. Previous experience is required of rigs and wires removal using Nuke/Photoshop or other frame-by-frame painting software to de-graining and re-graining paintwork. The Prep and Paint artist should have experience in working with 3D environments in Nuke to clean plates and UV projections. Knowledge and passion in photography and digital manipulation will be an added advantage.

The candidate should be skilled in 3D software Autodesk Maya. Ideal candidate should be skilled in animation, camera motion in 3D space, 3D Camera principles, rigs and object tracking . Some knowledge in nudging camera move manually with logical motion and knowledge of 3D Equalizer is an added advantage.

Please submit your resume to [email protected]. We are currently only hiring experienced candidates. If you are a fresher you can still submit your resume for future hiring.