You require and we deliver – Professional 360 degree Video Maker

360 Degree immersive videosĀ with the help of 360 degree Video Maker have become much more than a passing fad today; look up practically any mainstream website, especially news sites, as well as social media such as Facebook; chances are very good you will find 360 Degree videos on them.

This has, in turn, encouraged more and more entities big and small to have 360 Degree content of their own. Of course, producing such content requires a certain level of expertise and proficiency.

At HR VFX, we are really proud to possess such proficiency. Not only can we make 360 Degree video content for you, we can even spruce up existing 360 Degree content that you have to make it as catchy and attractive as possible. To give you an example, you might want colors changed on your 360 Degree video which we can do very easily. In fact, we can do any paint and prep that you may need on a 360 Degree video.

Other instances include scenarios where 360 Degree videos have to be trimmed; we can do that with absolute ease. We can also add any kind of transition that you may desire in such videos.

This remains true irrespective of the way in which your 360 Degree videos have been created, possibilities of which include:

  1. Simultaneously filming multiple angles
  2. Using an entire rig of assorted cameras
  3. Using a single camera with multiple lenses

This aspect remains true in case of software as well, such as:

  • NUKE
  • After Effect

Wherein multiple visuals and audio inputs can easily be analysed and synchronized to form a 360 Degree video.

At the end of the day, no matter what your 360 Degree video requirement may be, you can easily entrust HR VFX to deliver the goods for you!

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